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Moses the Liberator

Chapter Context

This chapter carries the history of Moses who liberated the Israelites from the slavery in Egypt. The chapter well explores God who called, strengthened and guided Moses. It also imparts that God protects us as well in the way he did to Moses.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - God strengthened Moses and entrusted him with a mission
    - God saves us always, even in our difficult times.

  2. Attitudes

    - God needs our cooperation to execute his plkans over us
    - Be thankful to God always who leads us to salvation even in the midst of hardships
  3. Habit

    I will carry out all the responsibilities that my parents entrust me.

  4. Teaching aids

    Bible story books, paper slips, chart paper
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    This chapter can be presented through an act of ‘joy and sorrow’.Teacher may write down the following words on the paper slips that she is having:

    Joy - sorrow
    Day - night

    Glad - gloomy

    Darkness - light

    Heigh - down

    Goodness - evil

    Distribute these slips among the children. Children will have to find out the partner getting the opposite of the word he is having and thus make a group of two. And then the teacher explains that life also is mixture of opposites and adds that the life of Israelites also had these two opposites in their lives. Thus enter into the chapter.
  1. Let us do

    It is good that the map given in the text book be drawn on a chart paper and displayed in the class.

  2. Let us find out the answers

    1. Taken from water
    2. Mount Horeb
    3. Page 37
    4. Aaron
    5. Page 39

  1. It will help to get into the minds of the children if we enact Moses being forsaken by his mother into water and the princess gets him from the river. The characters needed are mother of Moses, maid, princess, two servants. Costumes shall not be encouraged

  2. Quiz:

    Conduct quiz based on Exodus 1-6 chapters. Intimate them on the previous day of the quiz competition and points/ gifts be awarded to the winners. Prefer small/simple questions.








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