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The Call of Abraham

Chapter Context

The chapter deals with the history of Abraham, the father of faith. It narrates the salvation history from the very call of Abraham onwards. This chapter helps children to grasp the importance and the need to be firm in faith. it helps to create a deep - rooted faith in children.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Abraham is the role model for those who believe in God
    - Abraham was blessed because he obeyed the word of God

  2. Attitudes

    - Grow in faith like Abraham
    - Be firm in our faith even in adverse situations
  3. Habit

    - I will believe in God and follow His commandments

  4. Teaching aids

    Mobile phone, picture of a telephone and mike, pictures of different people making phone calls in various situations, text book, Bible
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    This chapter can be presented in the format of ‘call and its styles’. Present the teaching aids to the students and based on the same make a brief explanation on different ways of making phone calls. Many of the students might be using them. Instruct them on how to respond to calls:
     If abyone is called out by name from a stage on mike, he responds to it by going to the stage
     It is not the same way that we respond to the calls ofteachers and friends
     Nor shall it be the same when dad or Fr. vicar calls
     Thus after having introduced the various ways of calls and its responses the teacher can lead them to how Abraham responded to the call of God
  1. Let us do

    Students are asked to identify the places from the map given in group or individually. The teacher can help them only if required.

  2. Let us find out the answers

    1. The father of a great People
    2. Page 17
    3. Page 17
    4. Page 19
    5. Page 19

  1. Role play

    Abraham offers his son Isaac as sacrifice can be given as theme for the role play. Characters required are Abraham, Issac and an angel. Dialogues may be prompted to the actors and without much preparation it can be performed.

  2. Story time

    Students can be given Gen 22:1-18 as homework to read. Ask them to narrate the story from the passage given. The best group/ individual can be awarded points.








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