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Glory To God In The Highest

Chapter Context

The birth of Jesus causes discomfort in Herod and because of that, he decides to kill Jesus and flees to Egypt for his life. This lesson gives us the message that a Christian is called to find and worship the savior who is Jesus, and to be the guide who brings everyone to that savior.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Three wise men saw a miraculous star and came to Jesus and worshipped Him.
    - They offered gifts to Jesus.
    - Mary and Joseph went to Nazareth with Jesus and stayed there.
  2. Attitude

    - We should worship Jesus the Saviour of mankind.
    - We must offer our good deeds and sacrifices as an offering to Jesus.
  3. Habit

    - Go to church and adore Jesus.
    - Put offerings in the church.
    - Share with others whatever we have.

  4. Teaching aids

    - Holy Bible, Picture of the wise men, Christmas cards, Incense (kundirikyam), stars etc.

  5. Presentation of the lesson

    When a child is born at home, don’t people who come to see the child bring gifts for the child? Along with answers and experiences of students connect to the presentation of the lesson.
  1. Let us sing, Let us pray

    (Check the guidelines given in previous chapters)
  2. Pick up letters from the word bag and complete the words

    Let children fill the blank letter in colours.
  3. Find the place

    The place “Bethlehem” is found after arranging the stars. Let them write it in the stars given below. Let them colour and write.
  4. Find out the answers

    1. The wise men searched for Jesus the King of Jews.
    2. Gold, Myrrh, Incense
    3. Because he stayed in Nazareth.
  1. Complete the following

    The wise men bowed and worshipped baby Jesus.
    Herod decided to kill Jesus.
  2. Role-play

    The visit of the wise men.
  3. A star-bed for Jesus

    Before coming for next class, repeat holy chants 25 times and fill the star bed. Each time you say the ejaculation, draw a star in the above column.
  4. Let us find out the answers

    1. Where did the wise men come from in search of Jesus?
    2. Who was the King of Jerusalem at that time?
    3. Which place did the priests say Jesus would be born?
    4. Why did Herod get angry?
    5. What did he order?
    6. How was Jesus saved from the hands of Herod?
    7. Which feast does the church celebrate on December 28th?
    8. What did Joseph do after Herod died?








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