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Chapter Context

This lesson deals with the miracles that Jesus has performed. Here we see Jesus who reveals the Glory of God in Himself. He performed miracles keeping in mind the needs of the people. The teacher should explain the miracles that Jesus performed for the salvation of mankind and for the Glory ofGod in such a way that it would promote the development of Faith.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Jesus performed many miracles during His public life.
    - Jesus’ miracles were meant for the glory of God and for the salvation of mankind.
    - Glory of God dwells in Jesus who performed miracles.

  2. Attitudes

    - We must believe in Jesus and profess His glory.
    - We should be thankful to Jesus for the salvation that He bought to us.
    - We must nurture the awareness about the presence of God in all walks of our life.

  3. Habit

    - I will participate diligently in the religious observances both at home and in Church.
    - I will pray for the needy.
    - I will try to bring relief to those who suffer.

  4. Teaching aids

    Picture of miracles performed by Jesus, the map of Palestine, The Bible, charts.
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    Introduce the lesson by asking the students to make a ‘word-sun’ with words related to marriage. Then let them speak in detail about a wedding feast. You may then lead them to the Wedding house at Cana. Sing a song that has reference to the miracles in that house. Then let the students narrate the incident of Jesus changing water into wine. This may be followed by reading of the passage from the Bible. Let the students know if they have omitted any details. Other activities:

    Share an experience:

    Ask the students to narrate their experience of a boat journey. Tell them about a boat accident that was reported in the newspaper. Then present Jesus who calmed the sea.

    Sickness and healing:

    We often see photos and testimonies of persons who received healings. Ask students to collect such photos. Form groups and let each group make a collage using them.

    Let us do:

    This is an activity that helps the students to grasp the miracles of Jesus in detail. Encourage them to find answers by reading the Bible individually.

  1. A song in the class:

    Ask the students to compose a poem about any miracle performed by Jesus and present it in the class. If possible make a booklet of all such poems.
  2. Quiz

    Conduct a quiz based on any miracles narrated in the Gospels. There can be questions to the groups and to the individuals. Congratulate those who score well.
  3. Powerful verses:

    There are certain very powerful verses in some miracles. For example,“I say to you, stand up, take your mat and go to your home”. “Peace! Be still!” Ask students to find out such verses and write them on cards for a display in the class.








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