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Chapter Context

This lesson explains how Jesus overcame the temptations from Satan and helps the students to realize that a life rooted in the word of God, penance and fasting, prayerful life, charitable activities etc. would help us to overcome temptations.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Jesus overcame temptations.
    - Temptations could be overcome with the help of
    penance, prayer, fasting and Word of God.
    - If Word of God are learnt by heart it could be used in our life-situations.

  2. Attitudes

    - It is quite likely that we will have temptations in our life and we must be prepared to face them.
    - We must face temptations through prayer and by constant reading of the Word of God.

  3. Habit

    - I will read the Word of God every day.
    - I will share the most tasty food stuffs with others.
    - I shall mortify my desires.

  4. Teaching aids

    The Bible, Hymn Book, Picture of charitable activities and charts.
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    The lesson could be presented with a story. There are many animal stories narrating situations in which they are tempted. The story of the lamb who ignored its mother’s advice and went away to distant places is one such examples.You may narrate how the missing lamb was attacked by a wolf and how the shepherd saved the lamb. You may describe with much pathos how the lamb that defied the words of its mother and followed the tempting words of the wolf and was in danger. Lead the students towards Jesus who successfully resisted Satan’s temptations. Some other activities for presenting the main theme are given below: Share an experience:

    Let the students have an experience of penance. Let them share their joyous experiences of observing penance. The teacher may explain the messages.

    A game of hymns on the Word of God:

    Ask the students to collect hymns that could be sung before the Bible reading. Form groups and conduct a game of singing the first four lines of those hymns.

    Collect pictures:

    Ask the students to cut out pictures of charitable activities as found in the news papers and magazines or those activities in your parish churches. Also make them write relevant caption for the pictures.

    Let us do:

    Discuss and make a list of acts of self-denial. Assign one such act to each student respecting their aptitude and motivate them to follow it up.

  1. Make a chart:

    Prepare and set up a big chart of acts that the students decide to do in the season of penance. Ensure that they are observing it. Ask them to encourage one another.
  2. Verse casket:

    Students may be asked to maintain a small diary for writing down Bible verses. Also ask them to transfer some of those verses into their own heart. The teacher should observe the casket and make them recite some of those verses.








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