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Praise Be To God

Chapter Context

The purpose of this lesson is to describe the necessity and importance of praising God. The message to be taken from this lesson is that only God is worthy of praise and we owe Him praise. This lesson will help you develop a good habit of making gratitude and praise a part of your life.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - God our creator is worthy to be praised.
    - We ought to praise God at all times
    - Praising God through prayers and Hymns
  2. Attitude

    - I praise God always
  3. Habit

    - Before I do any task, I pray- ‘Praise you Jesus’
  4. Teaching aids

    - Pictures depicting morning and evening
    - Create chits with the following praises- Praise you Jesus, Praise you God for your blessings, Praise you God for giving me the intelligence to study, etc.
    - Pictures of various musical instruments
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    Make the children realize that it is their duty to praise God who has created and protects them. Highlight to the children instances when man praises God and simultaneously make them aware that it is their duty to praise God for the blessings he showers from morning to night. We can praise God through prayers and songs. Heaven, angels and saints constantly sing praises to God.
  1. Praise the Lord
    Make the children aware that the Angels are always praising in the presence of God. Divide the children in small groups and let them sing Halleluiah. We can show pictures of different musical instruments and sing the song more lively.
  2. Weave a chain

    Let the children use beads of any colour they like and encourage them to say Praise God.
  1. Let us pray
    Let the children close their eyes, fold their hands and sit quietly. Let them say whatever activities they have done and practice them to praise Lord.
    - God we praise You for giving me peaceful sleep in the night.

    - God, We praise you for giving us the intelligence to study.

    - Ask the children to repeatedly say, God, we praise You.
  2. Draw pictures

    Tell the children to draw or stick pictures of different musical instruments and explain that we can use these instruments to praise the God
  3. Questions

    1. Who protects us?
    2. What are the different occasions we praise God for








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