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Jesus, The Son Of God

Chapter Context

The content of this lesson is the scene of the revelation of the Holy Trinity through the baptism of Jesus. This lesson will help us to know about the mysteries of the triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Jesus is the Son of God.
    - The spirit of God is the Holy Spirit.
    - Through baptism, we become the children of God.
  2. Attitude

    - Growing in pride knowing that I am the daughter/son of God.
  3. Habit

    - Every night before going to sleep, I will praise the Holy Trinity in thanksgiving.
  4. Teaching aids

    - Cut out of a cross
    - A picture of the Holy Trinity
    - A picture of a child being baptized.
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    This is the first time children get to know of the Holy Trinity. Children are already aware that Jesus is the Son of God. Children should be able to grasp that God’s Spirit is the Holy Spirit. Explain in detail the baptism of Jesus. A dove is not the Holy Spirit rather the Holy Spirit came in the form of a dove should be made clear to the children. Also explain to the children about the descending of the fire in the textbook. We have become the children of God through baptism. When Jesus received baptism, God and the Holy Spirit were present. Similarly when we received baptism, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were present.
  1. Repeatedly write

    Write the following sentence repeatedly in different sizes and colours. Instruct children accordingly.
  2. Make the sign of the cross

    Explain to children the power of the cross. After placing the left hand on the chest, place your right hand on the forehead when saying: In the name of the Father, and when saying Son, on the chest, and when saying In the name of the Holy Spirit on both the shoulders and when saying Amen, fold your hands in reverence. Pay attention to every child while making the sign of the cross.
  3. My baptismal name

    With the help of parents write their baptismal names and tell them to say it the next class.
  4. Pray the Glory be

    When praying the Glory be, one praises the Holy Trinity. One should pray this by folding hands in reverence.
  1. Make a cross
    Make a cross with the help of different articles like pearls, shells, stones, grains, etc
  2. Let us find

    Find out where all has the cross been installed
  3. . Draw a picture

    Let the children draw the picture of a church but keep in mind that the beauty and perfection of the Church is not of importance.
  4. Questions

    1. Who is the Son of God?
    2. Who is God’s Spirit?
    3. What did Abba father tell about Jesus?
    4. In whose name do we make the sign of the cross?








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