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Jesus Who Teaches To Love

Chapter Context

This lesson reveals the vastness of Jesus' love. Philanthropy has limits and parameters. But the love of Jesus is inclusive. Teachers should be able to present the love of Jesus, who has flowed to those excluded from society, the poor, and sinners, in a way that touches the children's minds.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Jesus loves everybody
    - Greatest manifestation of Jesus’ love was the death on the cross.
    - Like Jesus, I am obliged to love everybody.
  2. Attitude

    - Like Jesus I should love everybody.
  3. Habit

    - In the morning, I will prayerfully make the sign of the cross.
  4. Teaching aids

    - Pictures of children helping others
    - Write in bold letters- ‘I WILL HELP’.
    - A picture of Jesus death on the cross.
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    Take children through the rituals of Maundy Thursday. It is in memory of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, a mark of his love. Jesus loves everybody. He consoles everyone who comes to Him (narrate some miracles). At the end, Jesus died for us on the cross (show them a cross). Tell children about the saving power of the cross. Explain to children the long form of the sign of the cross. We should love others just like Jesus- this central concept should be a conviction for the children.
  1. Make the solemn form of the sign of the cross

    Make children understand that the sign of the cross saves us from enemies. Place the left hand on the chest, with the thumb finger of the right hand, draw the cross on the forehead, then on the lips and then on the chest (from head to down and from left to right). Then follow the sign of the cross method described earlier.
  2. Tell about Mother Teresa’s life in brief

  1. I will help
    Holding the card- I WILL HELP, discuss with children situations where they can help.
  2. Share

    Give children the chance to share about instances when they have helped
  3. Questions

    1. What did Jesus do to be a role model of love and service?
    2. Who is the mother who loved the poor like Jesus?








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