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God Created Everything

Chapter Context

The content of this lesson is to investigate and discover the origin of the amazing creations. Teachers should be careful to present this lesson in such a way as to help inculcate in children the belief that it is God who created the universe and arranged the things in it so beautifully.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - God has created everything. He created it out of nothingness.
  2. Attitude

    - I will rely/depend on the Almighty God.

  3. Habit

    - Everytime I come across any creation, I will pray in my heart; O God the creator, I praise you.

  4. Teaching aids

    - A chart containing pictures of different creations. Paper boat, pearl necklace

    - The whole Bible.

  5. Presentation of the lesson

    The objective of this lesson is to create in the children the awareness that God is the creator of everything by looking at the beautiful universe. To make children understand that God is the only person capable of creating from nothingness through examples like there cannot be a paper boat without paper, pearl necklace without pearl. It will be good to slowly (read out Genesis 1: 1-25 to the children.)
  1. Colour the picture

    Help children to colour appropriately flowers, sun and trees.
  2. Repeat

    Teach children to memorise Bible verses in the class itself by repeating verses and giving children an opportunity to present in front of others.
  3. Join our hands

    Help the children to say names of living beings and then invite them to praise God along with these beings.
  4. Let us memorize

    Read out verses from the book of Genesis and then ask them to by heart it.
  1. Prepare a chart

    Make a chart on God’s creation based on the pictures brought by the children.
  2. Prepare a model

    To make the children understand that God created from nothingness make paper boats, paper fan and paper animals.
  3. Act
    Enact God’s creation.
  4. Tell a story
    Narrate the story of creation and ask the children to repeat the story.
  5. Questions
    1. Who created everything?
    2. What did God create in the beginning?
    3. What are the creations we see in the sky?
    4. How did God create everything?








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