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Jesus Who Went To The Temple

Chapter Context

The content of this lesson is how much importance Jesus gave to the prayer life of Jesus going to the temple. The aim is to convince about the depth of the relationship that Jesus had with the temple. Jesus' example inspires us to develop a style of behavior that preserves the purity and sanctity of the temple.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Young Jesus went to the temple with his parents. Church is the house of God.
  2. Attitude

    - Just like Jesus, I too will go to the church to worship God.
  3. Habit

    - When inside the Church, I will not play or talk to anyone.
  4. Teaching aids

    - A chart consisting of the people and things associated with the Church.

    - An outline of the story where Jesus visits Jerusalem during Passover feast.

    - Rosary

    - Picture of a manger
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    Children should go to Church along with their parents. Feasts will be fresh in the minds of the children. Discuss with children about bible reading, homily and other spiritual rituals. Explain to Children that we go to Church because God dwells there. The importance of the tabernacle and altar lights should be ingrained in the children. It will be beneficial to spend some time in Church with the children. Tell children about the holiness of the Church and tell them to behave appropriately. Tell children the story when Jesus drives out vendors from the temple premises.
  1. Colour the following

    Help the children to colour the image of the Church to make it beautiful.
  2. Select the right word

    The answers should be written only after eliciting these responses aloud from the children.
  3. Can you show the way?

    Find out the way to Church by using their favourite colour.
  1. Write the names
    Ask children to write the names of the churches they have visited.
  2. Can you find?

    Ask children to search for the statues of Jesus in the Church and help them while they do it.
  3. . Draw a picture

    Let the children draw the picture of a church but keep in mind that the beauty and perfection of the Church is not of importance.
  4. Questions

    1. Which is the dwelling place of God?
    2. Why did Jesus go to the temple?
    3. With whom did young Jesus go to the temple?








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