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God Created Everything For Us

Chapter Context

God made everything for us. The purpose of this lesson is to make it clear that God shows his love by providing everything we need. Teachers should be careful to present this lesson in such a way that it helps children to develop an attitude of gratitude for the gifts they receive from God every day.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - God created everything for me.
    - Even if my parents forget me, God will not forget me.
    - I must love God.
  2. Attitude

    - The greatest virtue is to love and be thankful to God who loves me.
  3. Habit

    - Everytime I experience God’s gifts and good things, I will pray saying- ‘Thank You God for giving me this’.
  4. Teaching aids

    - Carry tangible items that can be seen, heard, felt and eaten or its equivalence (eg. tape recorder)

    - Create a chart showing the difference in gifts received from God and parents.

    - Stories emphasizing God’s love.

    - A picture of a mother carrying a child.

  5. Presentation of the lesson

    Have a discussion with children on how there is parental influence in day-to-day life. These are the people who fulfill the needs of the children. A child is always dependent on others from morning to evening. But the God loves me more than my parents. God gives me everything I need. Since God has created everything for me, I should love God. We should thank God. The child is to develop this attitude from this lesson.
  1. My friend and me

    Tell your partner /friend about objects created by God. Leave children independently for sometime. Give them adequate time. More children can be given an opportunity.
  2. Group writing

    Make the children sit in a group and write down names of creation such as sun, moon, flowers, fruits, animals, stars, seas, sky, water, etc. If they write something different, motivate them.
  3. Memorise

    Show the children the picture of a mother carrying a child. Also read out the verses from book of Isaiah from the Bible.
  1. Let us write the names

    Affix a child’s family photo in their diary.
  2. Tell a story

    Minu’s mother was very loving. She gave her everything, took her everywhere, sang songs for her, told her stories- Minu tells everybody about her mother- she cannot stay away from her mother - her mother as well- they lived happily. ‘Even if a mother who loves so much forgets her child, I will not forget you’ concept can be explained to children through this story.
  3. Questions

    1. Who loves us more than our mother and father?
    2. Write the names of 5 things that God has created for you.








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