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How Beautiful Is The World !

Chapter Context

The purpose of this lesson is to describe the beauty of the universe. This lesson helps to develop in children the curiosity to know about everything seen in the universe and the ability to enjoy the beauty of it all. Children should be inculcated in the belief that it is God who created the universe and arranged it so beautifully.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    1.How beautiful is this world

    2.Diverse creation
  2. Attitude

    A grateful attitude to God for creating this beautiful universe
  3. Habit

    To thank God when you see flowers and living creatures.
  4. Teaching aids

    1. Pictures of flowers of different sizes and colours.

    2 Pictures of birds and animals children are familiar with.

    3 A picture of a child praying.

  5. Presentation of the lesson

    The child looks with amazement and curiosity at the world he/she is living in. The child is amazed by the variety in colours, diversity in the flora and fauna. The teacher should explain the beauty of nature which is the co-existence of flora and fauna. The teacher should draw the child’s attention towards the universe through pictures and explanation. What will happen if there is no sun? No fruits and vegetables? You can use such questions as a premise for discussion. From these explanations the child will be able to grasp that we need the universe and it is God who has given it to us. The lesson should be presented in such a manner so as to make the child imbibe the convictions, the attitude and the practice mentioned.
  1. Join our hands

    To make the children understand that it is appropriate to give thanks to God who created this beautiful universe. Show a picture of a child praying. Instruct the children to join their hands, close their eyes and recite a short prayer repeatedly.
  2. Colour the picture

    Colour the fruits in the basket with suitable colours.
  3. Let us memorise

    Teach children to memorise Bible verses in the class itself by repeating verses and giving children an opportunity to present in front of others. This practice should continue for other lessons as well. It will be better to familiarize children with the book of Psalms.
  1. Tell a story

    Once there was a gathering of animals and birds to decide on who is the most beautiful among them all. Everyone expressed their abilities like fly, walk, sing, dance and run. Everybody has a beauty of their own. How beautiful it is! They lived happily ever after thanking God.
  2. Imitate

    - To imitate the sounds of animals

    - Eg. Goat- bleats (bae)

    - Dog- barks (bow bow)

  3. Draw a picture
    Give children a chance to draw things they like.








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