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Heaven The House of God

Chapter Context

This lesson helps us to know heaven, the place where God resides, and the ways to get there. Children should realize that this worldly home is temporary and our eternal home is heaven. Through this lesson, children should be given the message that the virtues and virtues we earn are the means that help us enter heaven.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - God dwells in heaven.
    - Our aim is to reach heaven.
    - Jesus leads us to heaven.
  2. Attitude

    - We should always live aiming to reach heaven.
  3. Habit

    - I will live doing good deeds.
  4. Teaching aids

    - Chart containing -‘Heaven is my home’.
    - Parables and pictures of heaven.

  5. Presentation of the lesson

    -Remind children of God’s love. God created us. He gave us life. He loves us. Father gave us Jesus. To be with God- to be in heaven- Jesus helps us. Those who do good deeds on earth will be in heaven. Angels constantly keep praising God singing holy holy. Saints and martyrs dwell in heaven. If we live according to Jesus, we too can be in heaven. We can always be with God. Give children examples of heaven.
  1. Write the names

    Children have been taught their baptism names. Encourage them to write it. Also ask them to write names of saints and angels they know. Give them the required help.
  2. Write in different sizes and colours

    Let children use the colour of their choice. It will be better if different colours are used as well as written in different sizes.
  1. Saints in heaven

    Collect the baptismal names of your friends. In doing so enhance their knowledge about saints in heaven.
  2. Enact

    Enact parables of heaven through role play.
  3. Questions

    1. Who leads us to heaven?
    2. Where does God dwell?
    3. What is the meaning of being in heaven?
    4. Which is our house?
    5. How can we reach heaven?








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