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People Led By The Spirit

Chapter Context

The context describes the early Christian community that was formed as a result of the evangelization of the people led by the Spirit. This text makes it clear that the Spirit gives his gifts and gifts to those who believe. This lesson will help to give a proper vision of the benefits that come from striving to acquire the gifts of the Spirit rather than worldly gains.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - The early Christian Community believed in the Gospel.
    - Different gifts are filled in those who receive Holy Spirit.
    - These gifts inspire us to do good deeds and not to do wrong things.
  2. Attitudes

    - Let us grow in holiness after receiving gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    - Let us lead a life pleasing to God.

  3. Habit

    - Let us pray daily to receive the gifts of Holy Spirit..
    - Let us thank for the gifts of Holy Spirit.
    - Will grow in holiness using these gifts.

  4. Teaching aids

    New testament, a chart/card written with gifts of Holy Spirit.

  5. Presentation of the lesson

    Read and share content of the verses from Acts of Apostles 2: 37-47. Give a picture of early Christian community through this sharing. What all will Jesus give specially to those who believe in Him? Divert children’s attention to gifts of Holy Spirit.
  1. Let us find out the answers

    1. The Acts of the Apostles in the Bible describes the life of early Christians.
    2. The early Christian Community lived in unity praying and praising God. They were praised by all. All of them lived and proclaimed Gospel courageously.
    3. The gifts of the Holy Spirit help us to grow in holiness, to walk the path of the Gospel and to proclaim the Gospel.
    4. The gifts of Holy Spirit are Wisdom, Understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety and fear of God.

  2. Riddle

    Answer: Church
  3. Picture Word – sun

    Fill the picture of the sun with gifts of Holy Spirit from the lesson.
  4. My decision

    Holy Spirit gives us the gifts and charisms for our holiness and to do good to others. Let the children decide to attain holiness by doing good to others. Encourage them for that.
  1. Let us write and learn

    Write the gifts of Holy spirit in cards and display in different places in class. Let the children learn them by heart.

  2. Let us play

    This is a test game. Let the children stand. The gifts of Holy Spirit and other words are to be called out by mixing. For example: Wisdom, understanding, courage, knowledge, Mercy, Piety, Truth, Fear of God, Love……. Let the children raise their hands when name of gifts are called out. If other words, let them lower the hands. Let those who make mistakes us. Let the game continue like this. This game can be played only after the children learn the gifts by heart.
  3. More questions

    1. Who were the early Christians?
    2. Which is the gift that gives us courage?
    3. Which is the gift that enables us to discern good and evil?
    4. Name two gifts that enable us to lead a life pleasing to God?








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