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Do Not Steal

Chapter Context

This is a lesson that discusses in detail about the sin of stealing which is a very grave social evil and warns us against its consequences. The Seventh Commandment teaches us that wealth is a gift of God and we have a duty to share it to help others so that we would live with a sense of justice. This lesson should be presented in such a way as to make the students aware of these facts right from their young age.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Wealth is God’s gift.
    - Justice is the virtue of giving each person his dues.

  2. Attitudes

    - We have a duty to share our wealth with others.
    - We should live with a sense of justice.

  3. Habit

    - I won’t destroy or misuse common property.

  4. Teaching aids

    The Bible, stories from Tolstoy, chart paper.
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    ‘There lived in a house a father, mother and their three young children. One day the mother bought some black grapes from a shop. She washed it and kept it in a white plate. It looked very beautiful. She covered it with a lid. The youngest child wished to enjoy the sight of the grapes. He secretly went near the grapes and lifted the lid silently. When he saw the grapes he wished to touch it and feel it. He touched it secretly. They were very soft. He then felt like taking it in his hand and smell it. He did so. Then he wished to taste if and so he secretly ate a few which his mother found out. But she didn’t say anything at that time. In the evening when the father came home she told him what had happened. After supper the father called all the three children near him and asked: “Did anyone of you steal grapes today?” All replied, “No”. “Okay then, listen; when you eat stolen grapes, if its seed goes inside the stomach the thief will die in three days.” The youngest child’s face became pale. He stammered, “But Dad, I had spat out all the seeds through the window”. Everyone else burst out laughing. Present this story of Tolstoy in full detail lead the students mind towards the sin of stealing and to the Commandment ‘You shall not steal’.

    Let us do:

    The teacher should help the students while discussing on ‘evils and their remedies’. Put such good thoughts into their mind as would become their habits.

  1. Who and to whom:

    Discuss and find out who all have given financial help to the students. Also find out how many among the students have given at least small help to others.
  2. If you have wealth:

    Ask the students to find out what virtuous deeds could be done using wealth. Let them present their findings in the class.








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