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Keep up the Marital Purity

Chapter Context

This lesson contains some thoughts about the importance of marital relationship as presented by the Old Testament and the New Testament. Here we see Jesus blessing marital life. Jesus invites the couples to live in purity by upholding fidelity. Today’s children should have the right attitude in order to have good families in future. This lesson should be used to facilitate this objective.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    - Marriage is a sacrament.
    - Good families are the back bone of the Church.

  2. Attitudes

    - We should be grateful to God for we were born in good families.
    - We should realize that marital life is a vocation to live in purity.

  3. Habit

    - I will pray every day for the consecration of families.

  4. Teaching aids

    Greeting cards, The Bible, chart paper, Saints of each day.
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    We may introduce the lesson with the activity of making a word-Sun: Ask the students to make a sun using words related to ‘Christian Marriage’ as shown above. There should be space for writing about 20 words such as Dinner, ‘Thali’, Saree, Ornaments, Ring, Video, Guests, Music, Decoration, etc. When they finish, check if they have included ‘Sacrament’ ‘Pledge’, ‘Witness’, Mass, etc. Have a discussion stressing the importance of pledge, indivisibility of marriage, purity etc and then begin with the lesson.

    Let us do:

    Give some topics for discussion. The topics should be appropriate to the age of the students.

  1. Greetings:

    Ask the students to greet their parents in the anniversary of their wedding. Let the students give a card or flowers or a small gift to their parents on every anniversary.
  2. Saints among the married:

    Ask the students to find out the names of saints who led a family life. Let than also find out the details of their life. Eg: St. Monica Saints Joachim and Ann Bl. Frederick Osanaam.








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