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Holy Eucharist:The Bread of Life

Chapter Context

This text describes the institutional purpose of the Holy Eucharist. The purpose of Jesus' sacrifice of self-sacrifice and sharing is to nourish our spiritual life. Present the lesson in such a way as to help inculcate in the children an attitude to participate in the Holy Sacrifice with merit and readiness and to share what we have with those who have not.

Teacher's Guide

  1. Conviction

    a. Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist to nourish and strengthen us in our spiritual life.
    b. We receive the real body and blood of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.
    c. We become one with Jesus through the feast of love of the Holy Eucharist.
  2. Attitudes

    a. We must praise Jesus who gave us his body and blood.
    b. The sharing at the altar should lead us to sharing in life.
  3. Habit

    a. I will love and help others.
    b. Will receive communion with due preparation.

  4. Teaching aids

    The photo / picture of someone receiving communion, charts, Holy Bible and pictures of different food and drink.
  5. Presentation of the lesson

    Teacher keeps the pictures of food and drink upside down on the table. Children may come, pick the pictures to say what the food item is and how they are useful for the body. Children know that food and drink are necessary for physical health. Then showing the pictures of chalice and the host lesson can be introduced.

    Let the children write the 5th Luminous Mystery in the notebook and by heart it.

  1. Let us find out the answers

    1. See the box given on page 39.
    2. Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist to nourish and strengthen us the Christians in our spiritual life .
    3. Since Eucharist celebration is a feast, it will attain completion only if all those who are participating in it, receive with due preparation the body and blood of Jesus given to us.
    4. We become one with Jesus and also with the church through the feast of love, the Holy Eucharist. Therefore, the Holy Eucharist is called the Sacrament of Unity.

    1. Familiarize children with the Holy items used for the Holy Eucharist (They are given in the book ‘Vishudha Qurbana: Ariyan Anubhavikkan’ (To know and experience the Holy Eucharist).
    2. Let the children present the incident of the multiplication of bread by Jesus in the form of a story.








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